Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I know, I know...

I've been gone a long time. December was a  busy and hectic month: school ended and the bf, the pup and I traveled home for two weeks.

And what about January?

Well I made two new years resolutions:
1) Be a better homemaker

I'm pretty sure this ought to be my personal motto
Growing up, my mom worked part time, but still managed to keep the house clean. Not to mention a dog, two kids and a husband who, let's just say, aren't necessarily the cleanest of people. I have been notoriously messy my whole life and hate cleaning/housework with a passion. The bf, well he doesn't mind cleaning, but isn't neat either and only has time to clean on the weekends. And we do have a dog, who loves to make messes. But I don't work, so I really don't have an excuse for why our house is never clean.
So, knowing my mom was coming to visit in mid-February forced me to literally get my crap together and clean it up. It took me a long time.... Longer than I'd ever be willing to admit. But now that it is clean, I'm keeping it this way.

So resolution #1 is well on its way.

2) Be a better blogger
I'm pretty sure my two month (yeah, exactly two months) hiatus speaks to this one. I do a lot of knitting/sewing/cooking/baking and I just never document it. Maybe partially due to the constant state of the house and the fact that living in a basement means not so great pictures... But I'm promising at least a post a week. Hopefully more, but we'll see.

So, I DO have all of my housework done for today, except for ironing the bf's dress shirts. Now I have time to make some oatmeal brownies out of my favorite cookbook and finish up/start a few sewing projects that I'll post later this week.

Although, I do have a quick question:
Does anyone know how to rehydrate brown sugar that looks like this:

My bf wasn't aware that the "store in an air tight container" thing was important. Whoops.

Until next time....


  1. Hmmmm, not sure I've ever seen brown sugar look like this!

    Happy to see you back!


  2. If you microwave the brown sugar on low it should soften it up but use it immediately. If you can leave it overnight then store it in a sealed container with a slice of apple or even a wet paper towel ~ something to put the moisture back in the sugar.

    Glad you're back!