Friday, December 3, 2010

New Sewing Machine

Happy birthday to me (a bit early)!

 I got my sewing machine, a birthday present from my parents in the mail the other day... even though my birthday isn't for over a month.

But, I did have some projects I've been wanting to do that pretty much require a sewing machine.

Like a tablecloth. When I won Lisa's giveaway a couple of months ago, I received a fall tablecloth that had been on our table up until last weekend. I guess I'd never realized how easy it is to make a room seasonal with just a piece of hemmed fabric. So when my bf suggested that we get a tablecloth for the holiday season, I knew that it would be an easy first project to learn the ropes of my new machine. Although I've done some big projects on a sewing machine, it's been awhile.

And I learned that sewing really is like riding a bike: scrapes, bruises and all (but you'll never put your finger that close to the needle again...). And that hem may not be perfect, but it's a $7 tablecloth.

And while I was at the fabric store, I looked through the remnants; it's just a good idea and a great way to find cheap fabric. Well, I found a piece of remnant fleece to try to make a dog sweater for Freyja.

After finding a few patterns I liked, I ended up kind of blending them to get the finished product I had in mind.

Although this project is also far from perfect, I think it turned out pretty good. I may have to re-fit the sleeves, though. Sometimes she gets out of control while running and gets a foot caught up in it, stumbles, falls then tries to run on three legs. She's not the most graceful creature ever, but she is mighty cute.

And the bf already has some sewing projects in mind for me... but I'd just like to make it through finals and the holidays first!


  1. WOW ... I cannot believe you made that tablecloth ... it's beautiful! I am very impressed, especially since, although I have the sewing bug, I'm simply NOT GOOD AT IT! I can't forget Freyja's jacket either. She's adorable in it! I can see that you've learned some valuable skills from your Mom and what a thoughtful and practical early birthday present! Where did you purchase your fabric??? Fabricland??? Have a great weekend.

  2. Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear Krysta ... Happy Birthday to You! Your Mom has posted a great tribute to you, her sweet baby girl, so I thought I would wish you a Happy Birthday! Have a great one! xox

  3. girlfriend, your post is so old! So have you done anything with that machine yet?