Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Say goodbye to the old couch pillow

We have the world's ugliest pillow on the couch. It's covered in slightly dirty fake suede (it's not even classy enough to call "faux"). It's lumpy and limp. So after my mom visited and left a stack of fabric remnants, I decided just needed to recover that pillow. 

I'd seen yo-yo's done before in quilting, but had never had an excuse to try them out. They're basically round circles of fabric hand sewn to form a pouch and flattened. Below are a couple of pictures of the process:

Partially done

Completed front
I may not be the neatest hand sew-er
I finally finished it up this afternoon. The bf (he's the one who uses the pillow) is at work and doesn't know yet, so I hope he doesn't mind...

I do think it looks a million times better...

(just ignore the ugly couch)

How about you?


  1. That turned out really cute!! Did you have to hand sew all the yo-yo's onto the backing fabric?


  2. At least a million times better! Looks like it was a LOT of work.

  3. Super Cute, I just love yo-yos! Love the color combination, looks great!!

  4. Great pillow!

    I am having an antique auction on my blog. All sorts of lovely and romantic finds looking for a new home. I hope you'll stop by.

    Have a wonderful weekend.