Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Best. Invention. Ever.

Okay, so maybe not the best invention of all time (because I know if you asked the bf, he'd say the iPad), but it's definitely my favorite invention of the week:
The Bounce Dryer Bar
I hate doing laundry. And unlike most people, it's not just the folding. It's everything about it. I've got to cart loads of clothes (we seem to have more laundry than most two person households), re-sort them (because the bf usually just tosses things into either side with no regard for color), fight them into the machine (it's one of those stacked W/D combos), pour in soap (which inevitably makes a mess), bleach if necessary (which is ever so tedious, trying not to ruin the clothes I'm wearing), actually remember to move them (I seem to have to rerun them again far too often), dry them (and hoping I remembered a dryer sheet), fold them, put them away, fight the dog for the dryer sheet and clean up pieces of said dryer sheet for days.  

No one likes doing laundry.

But this little invention makes what is an unbearable a little more bearable. No worrying about whether I actually used a dryer sheet. No problems with running out of dryer sheets (at least for three months). No more fighting the dog for the dryer sheet, having to pull pieces out of her mouth and cleaning it up off the floor. not to mention it's actually cheaper (at least here) than a box of dryer sheets that would last the same amount of time.

I've had mine for a week now and it's working great. I did see (via some googling) that a lot of other people have had problems with them falling off, melting, ruining clothing etc. I haven't had a single one. 

My recommendation? Buy one and try it first with a load of old towels. Because it's totally worth it.

Now I've got to get back to DOING the laundry, not just whining about it [if only whining DID really get things done :) ]


  1. Is Bounce now one of your sponsers? You've given this product a glowing report. Now I must try it!

  2. Yeah, the whining doesn't work to get anything done after the age of three... or perhaps two :)

    ~Chris aka mom