Thursday, March 3, 2011

The joys of ironing

I am not a domestic diva. I hate all housework, with one exception: ironing.

I learned from my dad how to iron because "it looked fun" and somehow, it still is. So I do 99% of the ironing in our house; even though none of it is mine. 

It doesn't hurt that the bf can't iron to save his life (but that's okay, he's good at lots of things I really hate doing). And I can't send him to work looking like a kid that just started dressing for school on his own.

So, I iron a few times a week.

And there's something kind of rewarding from turning this:

into this:


  1. Wow, three days in a row! And I'm also impressed with the ironing ;)

    ~Chris aka mom

  2. When are you coming for a visit? I have a pile at home that is very similiar to photo #1 and you can keep that "Rewarding Feeling" going a little longer!

  3. Hey there!
    thanks for stopping by, my sister in law loves to iron too...I hate ALL THINGS LAUNDRY related...and now that my kids are getting older I have no little slaves left whom I can coax into doing folding...blech!

  4. I would like to knit and have tried a few times.

    BUT, knitting needles PISS ME OFF.