Monday, March 7, 2011


Sundays are great. We try to get our errands and chores done Saturday so that we can do nothing on Sundays. So yesterday, we stayed in our pj's all day and watched season 3 of Lost.
I mean, how could you not want to cuddle with this little thing?

Well... I think she just about pushed me past my breaking point (it's a good thing she looked so ashamed of herself).

I try to wash our sheets on Mondays. Freyja usually follows me around as I'm doing my chores, so nothing unusual as she follows me into the bedroom while I strip the bed. I assumed (very wrongly) that she had followed me back out. Ten minutes later as I'm unloading the dishwasher, I hear her whimpering and crying... I have to admit I was freaking out because I thought she was hurt. As I'm frantically trying to find her, I figure out she's still in the bedroom.

And I open the door to this:

That's right. She had somehow gotten underneath the mattress pad and decided it would be easier to chew her way out rather than climb back out the way she came. So the whining and whimpering? She was stuck.

Normally, I would have gotten furious (let's just say I'm not known for my patience), but I think I was so shocked that I just started laughing.

So I did make her wait a bit before rescuing her (just long enough to snap a few pics).

I think she looks pretty embarrassed...

And maybe just a little ashamed. 

Here's to a much calmer Tuesday.


  1. OMG! I just laughed out loud when I saw this one. She is one hysterical little gal... so obviously she left a hole in the mattress pad, that must be fun to sleep on!

    Chris aka mom

  2. I am falling off my chair, here in my office, laughing HYSTERICALLY! That is the best story EVER! And those photos ~ just perfect! You couldn't have staged anything better!

  3. Oh my gosh! This is so funny!!! This is how dachshunds are. They figure things out for themselves unfortunately it's not always what you'd want them to do. I'm sure you were irritated but mostly relieved that she was ok. She is so cute!!!!

  4. I'm going to send my readers over to your blog tomorrow. They all have to read this story.

  5. Wow! What a little stinker; she's soooooo cute!

    What would be do without our puppy loves? I can't imagine my life with my Ben!


  6. I popped over here from Nita's blog and wow, I have no words!!!! That is so hilarious and I think we all would've grabbed our camera's in that situation too!