Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who doesn't love getting packages?

I know I sure do.

My mom sent me packages all through college and sends them now, even though I live Ontario.

I've been working very hard in my class, so it's nice to get a few surprises :)

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to my grandma (that's my mom's mom) that I'd like to learn embroidery. I know a little bit about needlepoint/cross stitch after a few projects I worked on when I was young.

(What really inspired me were the new Martha Stewart embroidery kits. If  you haven't seen them, you can check some of them out here; they also carry them at Michael's.)

So she sent me

This amazing book! Really, it's amazing. It's an older copy, but I'm sure the book is still made.

And now I can try to teach myself to crochet too! I've always wanted to learn, but it's way harder than knitting (for me at least)

She also sent me these pillowcases. They have an iron-on Scandinavian-esque design...

And a bag of miscellaneous embroidery thread...

And another Scandinavian design on a flyer.

Now I just have to go out and buy an embroidery needle and a hoop! I'm really excited to get working on this.

If you haven't figured this out by now, I'm Scandinavian: part Norwegian and part Icelandic. That's why I'm so drawn to Scandinavian design.

With a little googling last night, I found this book:

There are a lot of great crafts in this book. And at $16, I think it's a steal. I'm going to have to pick it up over the weekend.

My mom also sent me a quilter's bundle of nautical fabric:

The bf and I are both sailors (it's actually how we met) and we love anything to do with sailing and the ocean.

Each piece is a 1/3 of a yard

I have no clue what I'm going to do with it yet... Any ideas?

And lastly, a gift for Freyja...

It's a pretty special day tomorrow... Freyja's first birthday!

Doesn't she look excited?

And her first Easter is just around the corner too... It's going to be a very busy weekend!


  1. So, will there be cake served tomorrow? Perhaps cute party hats and napkins? :)

    ~Chris aka mom

  2. I love the Scandinavian designs, very lovely! And I have been looking for ages for nautical themed fabric! The male twin's room is done in a nautical theme and I want to make a valance for his window with something nautical.

    My husband and I took a sailing course a few years ago and he spends much of his spare time reading sailing magazines and dreaming of his own boat. We really enjoyed it but the farmhouse keeps us pretty busy in the summer...for now!.

    Happy Birthday Freyja!