Friday, September 10, 2010

Beginning to feel like fall in the GTA

After two of the hottest months I've ever experienced in my entire life, it's finally feeling like fall in Ontario. I know I'll be regretting wanting the temperature to drop in another two, but for now, I'm just going to enjoy it. Who would have thought 60 degrees would warrant putting on pants and a sweatshirt? Not I.

The pup, on the other hand isn't too thrilled... little does she know this is nothing compared to what it'll be like in January, so I probably should find a few more dog sweaters to knit for her.

Speaking of sweaters, I've been working on two. One, I mentioned in my last post, is a sweater for my boyfriend.  He's been nagging me since he learned I could knit to make him a sweater, and although my grandma gave us each a hand knit Icelandic sweater, he still wants one from me. I know I mentioned awhile ago that he asked me specifically for a sweater like "the one Hawkeye wears in that one M*A*S*H episode..." Well, luckily, the only thing he really cared about was the collar/neckline and pockets (which I think is just because he doesn't know stockinette stitch from any other stitch). It's mostly knit up; I only have a sleeve and a half to go, but I'm going to have to pick up another ball of yarn to finish it up. It's knit on US 15's, and thankfully I use interchangeable knitting needles (god's gift to knitters) so I didn't have to buy a new set that I won't use again for 10 years.

In the mean time, I've been knitting myself a sweater that I found on Ravelry. I'd never used this site before, but it's pretty fabulous; that's especially true for someone like me who often has yarn and a general idea of what they want to do with it, but needs a pattern where the gauge is right (or at least close) for the yarn. I've had this mohair that I got for dirt cheap (100 g, 200 yard balls at $3 each) for years and finally, I'm getting around to using it. I'm hoping to have it done with in the next couple of days, but I haven't been getting as much knitting done as I would like... I still haven't finished my mittens; I haven't even finished the first one. I have some serious doubts I'll get them done anytime soon; I'm just not a person who's great at knitting pairs of anything. That would be why my next goal for myself is to learn to knit two mittens, socks, or anything else that comes in pairs at the same time. Sure it'll take the same amount of time as knitting two, but at least then I'll have a set.

I have been working on my cooking abilities. I'm a decent cook and have mastered a fair few dishes, but there are some I haven't had the time and patience to undertake in the past.

Icelandic pancakes, for one, are something I've never been able to make even when following my grandma's recipe to a tee. But the boyfriend (who is Swedish) has been wanting Swedish pancakes for sometime. I (the Norwegian/Icelandic girl), refuse to eat or cook such a thing. Both types are close in style, so I figured I'd give Icelandic pancakes another go. And voila! For once, they turned out pretty amazing and darn close to what my grandma makes. I can only hope my other cooking endeavors go so well.

Until next time...


  1. Hello Chris's daughter! Welcome to Ontario. How long have you and your boyfriend been here? What do you think? Is it very different then from where you came from? I'm glad you have a blog b/c it can be fun and I see you're a talented gal, just like your Mum. Love the doggie sweater you knitted. Thank you for 'revealing' yourself. You seem to have a wonderful Mum (even though I really don't know her). I get that sense. Do you or your boyfriend have any family here? I live in Brampton and work in Mississauga. If you ever need anything ~ please let me know. I've lived in the GTA almost my entire life and I have a large family here so I have 'contacts'. I am now an official 'follower' of your blog. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I've only been here two and a half months, but he's been here over a year. It's definitely different... even from west coast Canada (I grew up very close to BC), but so far I've enjoyed my time here. Neither of us have family here, as he moved up here for work. We're in Mississauga; Cooksville (I think) to be a bit more specific... I still don't get the areas with in Mississauga. Or how the lake is always south? But overall the experience has been good :)

  3. Like the sweaters... good to see you're finally using up that mohair!

    Poor little frejya may need a hat too :)

    I have great-aunt Edna's (your great-great aunt) recipe for swedish pancakes if you want it. my aunt francis and/or cousins used to make them and I have to say, they were delish!

  4. I don't make 'Swedish' food. Sten can do that himself. Well, I won't make it if it has 'Sweden' or 'Swedish' in the title

    If he wants 'pannukokur (Icelandic for pancakes),' I can do that. And they are delish. If he want's Swedish pancakes, he can make them.