Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Puppy Sweater!

It seems, I always end up with a plethora of yarn left over from my projects and never really had a use for it. I've done a little entrelac work, but the problem with doing an entrelac piece is the yarn has to be roughly the same gauge, you have to have enough to do the whole piece, you have to sew in about a bajillion ends and you either have to work in the round (requiring more yarn and patience) or you have to back it (and i get bored of hand stitching fast).

But, I have a puppy now! Freyja weighed 5 pounds at her last
vet visit, and she shouldn't grow to more than 11 pounds. So, now I finally have something to knit with all of these spare
partial balls of yarn. It's going to be getting cold here, or so I'm told. A fact I'm dreading really. Being from the pacific northwest, I've only ever experienced mild winters and don't
really enjoy the cold without snow (so maybe I should get working on a sweater for myself?)... But I know it'll be even harder on Freyja, so I better stock up on dog sweaters for her (because there's no way she's wearing the same one two days in a row...

This one (I can't recall where I got the pattern) was
very simple and I was able to finish it while Sten
was brewing one saturday. It was supposed to be broken rib pattern, but the pattern was poorly written... Instead of tearing it up, I just made it a double broken rib pattern (I know, I'm probably making that up).

But even with the mess up, it turned out quite nice; even if it is a little bit too big for her right now.

I do think, it's time for a new "big" project. I'm supposed to be finishing up the mittens for my boyfriend and he wants a sweater "like the one Hawkeye wore in that one episode of M*A*S*H..." Yeah, that's a big help.

So I'm on the hunt for this mysterious sweater... going through M*A*S*H episodes one at a time. Hey, at least I actually enjoy the show now, unlike when I was young and the second it came on, the channel was changed, but seriously? There are over 20 episodes per season with 12 seasons... So god only knows when I'll be able to start this project, let alone finish it.... We shall see.

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  1. Great sweater... Freyja looks so adorable! This is a really good picture of her.